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Emiliano Bucci
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I'm very attentive to the small details. Starting from the business needs, I build pleasant and accessible UI interfaces, with extreme attention to balance, perception, smoothness and to the overall UX.

Skills & Technologies

I'm mainly focused in the React world, and this are the technologies &/or tools I've used/i normally use.

Work experiences

What I've done so far in the development world.


June 2023 - current


May 2021 - June 2023

Meeters was the next natural step of the process, where i can mix some of my passions and things i love the most (hiking, traveling and web development).


March 2020 - March 2021

When MyVideo was acquired by MINT (Myntelligence) company my work changed just a little. I had the opportunity to confront myself with many other Frontend Developers and Designers, as well as we start to work with a more structured Agile process.

  • Mentoring and pair programming with junior Frontend developers
  • Responsability of implementing from scratch a new styleguide in a vast legacy project
  • Responsability of choosing new or substitute tools to improve a legacy project (css-in-js/documentation component libraries, ecc)


MyVideo (formerly TheOutplay)

July 2018 - March 2020

This was my first experience as a Frontend developer. I worked on the development of the company dashboard (a platform used by the users to visualize the insights and perform actions).

  • React & Typescript for the Frontend project
  • GraphQL for the backend services (and Apollo for the client)
  • Recharts & Amcharts for displaying charts in the platform
  • Legacy code migration and applying of best code practice during refactoring
  • Unit and integration test coverage using Jest

In parallel, I've also worked on the development and maintenance of the Widget project, a video player used by thousands of websites to deliver Advertising and video Content.

  • Frontend project powered by Preact and Redux-Saga
  • Video player implementation through <iframe />
  • Extreme attention to multiple device/browser media policies (video and audio), as well to different functionalities like autoplay
  • Android and iOS Mobile debugging (Xcode simulator for iOS debugging)
  • Implementation of a custom plugin system, to execute third part js code to interact with the Widget (and eventually customize some internal functionalities) without relying on it
  • Implementation of third part services like comscore.js or IMA SDKs


Talent Garden - Codemaster 2018 edition

March 2018 - July 2018

Everything started here. After 2 years of self-learning (HTML, CSS & JavaScript), I decided to change life path and I apply for this master. After three intense months, I get my first job as a Junior Frontend Developer.