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React Spring Carousel


The React Spring Carousel is my first open source library and part of the React Spring Series (a set of headless UI libraries).

My role in Zonin was mostly related to the animation part since it was a small and limited collaboration.

MINT was the first project I took care as a Frontend consultant. The project was very challenging and exciting.

Burgez was the second project I took care of in 2020, making small improvements to the existing website (a simple React application). Later, I rewrote it using Next.js and hosted it on Vercel since it lacked SEO and was performing poorly.

Wild Trek was the first project I built from scratch. At the beginning of the project I assisted them in the analysis phase and then I handled all aspects of the project (frontend, backend, and design).

  • Next.js application on the Frontend side (hosted on Vercel)
  • WordPress for the content part (Currently we use Prismic)
  • Hasura GraphQL for the main database
  • Firebase for Authentication logic
Made withNextjsandReact spring
Hosted at Vercel